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The Dybbuk on the Polish Stage (1925)

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The Dybbuk on the Polish Stage (1925)


The Polish premiere of The Dybbuk was less well-received than the Yiddish version, though this seemed to be largely due to the fact that by 1925, the theatre-going community was already well- or overly-saturated with the production. In Der Moment, the theater critic known as Karlinius found it to be significant at least from the Jewish perspective - because he saw it as the first serious Jewish production on the Polish stage that calls into question Polish stereotypes of Jewish characters - and in fact says at one point that the play choice is not so important as the dynamic staging and characterization of Jews it offers, in which Jews "cease to be merely ethnographic or exotic." Here, the critic Jakub Appenszlak (later, the accomplished Polish-Jewish writer), also reviewed the production favorably in the Polish-language Jewish periodical, Nowi Preszglad.


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